Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How much rural land is left?

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United States Population
  • July 1, 1900 76,094,000
  • July 1, 1950 152,271,417
  • July 1, 2006 298,444,215

United States Acreage
  • July 1, 1900 2.3 billion acres
  • July 1, 1950 2.3 billion acres
  • July 1, 2006 2.3 billion acres

After diving into this topic I found it amazing how much land there really is available in the United States alone. We hear about the United States population rising drastically and new people moving to the United States all the time. The first thought is “how much land do we have left?” Amazingly enough there is still plenty of land for us all. As you can see from the statistics below there are still quite a few acres left to settle.

United States Land Statistics
  • Developed: 66 million acres
  • Rural residential: 73 million acres
  • Crop land: 349 million acres
  • Range and Pasture land: 788 million acres
  • Forestland: 747 million
USDA Economic Research Service

A great example of what many perceive to be a state running out of land is Florida. So many condos, townhouses and high rises have been developed that we immediately figure there is no more open country. The amount of acres that have been developed is close to ten million now which makes me think, “well that state is out of country land,” but in reality there are 34,558,261 acres in Florida so there is still plenty of room for another development or two. Out of this acreage it’s nice to see some of the horse farms, riverfront properties and other Florida land for sale that is still pristine and untouched. They might not be making more of it but there is still plenty of untouched land to buy and enjoy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Solar Energy Benefits - Top Reasons to Purchase a Solar Power Generator

Have you considered buying a solar power generator? Maybe you don't really see the need for one of these generators. Sure, perhaps you've heard about all about solar energy but you really don't think it is something that applies to you and your home. You'll actually find that a solar power generator can be a great option for you. It is applicable to any person who cools and heats their home, to those who heat water, and those who use electricity. These generators can even be used to heat a swimming pool and more. Just about any home can really benefit by purchasing a quality solar power generator. If you're still not sure that purchasing one of these generators of solar energy is a good idea, here is a look at a few of the top reasons you should make this purchase.

Reason #1 - Save Money

While there are definitely many reasons that you should consider purchasing a solar power generator, one of the main reasons that attracts buyers is that this option can save you a lot of money over time. There will be an investment made in the generator system that you purchase, but you can definitely end up recuperating what you spend in several years. Then you'll be enjoying power that is free and you won't have to worry about a lot of maintenance either. Since few moving parts are used, you don't have to worry about the solar power generator breaking down. This means that you can have a great power source that costs you very little over time.

Reason #2 - Grants are Available

Another reason that you may want to purchase a solar power generator is because there are grants available for the purchase of these types of systems. Grants are funds that you can get without having to pay them back. The federal government and some state governments offer grants to help homeowners pay for a good solar power generator. Check to see if grants are available to you to help you purchase one of these systems for your home.

Reason #3 - Excellent Tax Credits

You will also find that some excellent tax credits are now available to people that purchase their own solar power generator for their home. Some states offer tax credits and the federal government offers some tax credits of income taxes as well. This is done to make it easier for people to purchase these systems and start reducing their dependence on the power sources that are harder on the environment. The tax savings you can get can definitely be substantial, so do some research to find out what tax credits may be available to you if you decide to go this route.

Reason #4 - Add Value to Your Home

Last, a good solar power generator may add value to your home as well. If you want to sell your home in the future, a home that is equipped with solar power can definitely command a higher price on the market. This makes your home very attractive to prospective buyers and you are sure to enjoy a nice hike in home value.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Make Business Cards

Make Business Cards

Despite its location, doing business in Argentina sometimes feels more like doing business in Europe. The vast majority of Argentines are of European descent and retain many character traits of their mostly Spanish and Italian ancestors. The official language is Spanish, but it bears only a slight resemblance to what you would hear in Spain as it has a healthy mix of Italian thrown in.

On the whole Argentines are open and direct in their dealings, but can be tactful and diplomatic when they need to be. They are warm and passionate and quite tactile so any visitor should be this in mind as body language plays a large part of communication here. Social interactions are the fabric of their culture. Argentines have networks of family and friends they call on when they need anything. If one does you a favour, expect to be called upon to repay it one day.

Because of this social nature, Argentines do business with people rather than companies. They will want to get to know the visitor and will only do business once a relationship has been established. It is people that get things done in this country, not organizations. Once they get to know you, their loyalty will be to you and not who you represent. If a negotiating team has to change for any reason the proceedings would have to begin anew as the relationships are built with the new members. This can become frustrating, but it is important not to show this in public.

Anyone doing business in Argentina is going to need some Spanish. Although English is widely spoken, it isn’t the language of business there. It is advisable to have a native speaker with you when you go. Greetings are title and surname until invited otherwise. Academic or educational titles are optional.

Having some Latin American blood means there is a real sense of style to the culture. Argentines dress to impress and any visitor should do the same. Stylish but conservative business attire is the norm. Make business cards stylish too, it will add a little extra to the first impression. Cards are normally exchanged after formal greetings then dismissed, there are no special considerations.

When meeting in Argentina, promptness is expected of you, but they may not be prompt themselves. As with Brazil and other places, this isn’t a slight, just the way things are here. Life is frenetic and there is always lots of things going on at once. Don’t be surprised if your host takes calls or does other business while talking to you, there is no strict organization. Don’t get straight down to business. Although they are direct and open, Argentines like to get to know people first. Expect to make small talk before even broaching the subject of business.

The visitor to Argentina should be on fairly familiar ground, as it is very similar to the European way of doing business. Ensuring relationships come before business will result in a much more successful trip and some lifelong friends.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Should students with learning disabilities study online?

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A learning disability (LD) is often defined as a cognitive or developmental disorder in which an individual expresses significant symptoms. Usually, in order to be diagnosed with a specific condition, the individual must have a low intelligence quotient (IQ), exhibit difficulty in many areas of school subjects (particularly math and reading), and is not diagnosed with emotional disorders or have a background in multilinguism. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), makes sure that students with LDs have equal opportunity to post-secondary education. Physical or mental defects should not rule out a students’ ability to complete a two-year or four-year education. These equal opportunities provide these students with comparable housing, access to online courses, and study aids.

The convenience of an online education cannot quite successfully serve these who suffer from learning disabilities or who suffer from illnesses like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD). Schools do not need to know about these learning disorders, but the parents and the student should recognize that it exists. At the same time, learning online may work out well for these students because they do not have to worry about the anxiety that comes with an in-class atmosphere. Out of the classroom they are able to avoid being embarrassed and bullied by other students.

It is also suggested by many, that students who suffer from language-based difficulties should not take part of an online course, because of their large text-based content, assignments, and assessments. Many students, even adults have a difficult time comprehending the English language when heard, and would likely have a hard time trying to read through study materials and coursework without ever hearing it in person.

The college or university does not need to know of a student’s disability, and cannot confront them about one either. If a student feels that he or she needs to disclose the information to justify the affect it has on test scores, it would be their own personal choice to relay that to the school. If a student releases information that he or she is disabled, it can work out in their favor. There are plenty of scholarships available online to children without disabilities but there are also scholarships and financial aid available to those who are specified as being disabled.

As there are many reasons why a student with an LD should not study online, there are strategies for helping these students study effectively. With these students, teachers must be as clear as possible. Questions can only be answered when students understand what they are asking for. Lessons for LD students can also be sent home with a student’s parent(s) so that they can give them extra help at home. When students are looking for colleges, parents should help them decide which college or university will better accommodate their needs. Colleges can offer transitional courses, special studies, and can make the time to meet with teachers outside of the online classroom. Each reputable school will have a disability services office that can help a student work around and understand the system, but again LD information does not have to be disclosed.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Naples SEO

You have a website of your own in order to generate some revenue or to make your products known to a much wider audience. But to your dismay you notice that the traffic has hardly picked up and even more amazing is that when you enter the name of your website in any search engine it doesn’t turn up at all, or if it does it’s somewhere down the line at the 44th or 50th page. You wonder what is so special with other websites that’s not there in yours.

The answer is a simple 3 letter word SEO. Also known as, Search Engine Optimization. If you are wondering what this is all about, then read on ahead.


With the birth of Google, internet has undergone a revolution of sorts. It makes available information at your fingertips in less than a fraction of a second. Google always keeps a track of the websites around the world with the help of small algorithms called bots which goes through a website and returns back information to the search engine, helping you get the best answer to your query as soon as possible.

Working of SEO:

SEO helps make your website more accessible to the various bots and spiders sent by search engines. This is done with the help of meta-tags, keywords, repairing broken links, ease of access and much more. To get the maximum possible traffic your website must be specifically designed in such a way to allow greater ease for the search engines to find you out.


There are many methods for SEO. The ones we follow are above board and fully legal. There is another entity called Black Hat SEO. These methods are strictly discouraged from being used by search engines like Google and if detected by Google bots it is more than likely that your website will be blacklisted by various search engines and would not turn up in the users search results!


Once your website gets more noticed by the search bots, more of your links will begin to get indexed by the search engine. Once your website is fully SEO compliant, you will notice a massive improvement in the traffic which in business terms translates into more monetary returns and profits.


This is the point at which we come in. Our webmasters and designers are at your service to help you. They are the best in the industry and know what it takes to propel your website to the top of the search engine charts. With our innovative and cost effective methods you will be astounded at the massive influx of traffic and income being generated

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us at the earliest to get the best for your website

Fort Myers SEO

Most of us are not familiar with the term SEO which is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Many a time, we might have heard it or perhaps have a vague recollection of it. The most amazing part of this is that many web designers and tech savvy individuals are totally ignorant of this very important phenomenon. Let’s have a look at what it actually means and how does it work.


There are so many websites on any given topic around the globe. To help search out for them, we have our search engines. At present the most popular of all the search engines is Google, who commands about 70-80% of the total market share. But then the question arises? How does the search engine decide which is the best website for the query given? Google doesn’t share all the details on how it is done, but the general belief is that it is done with the help of bots or spiders, these then search your website for certain keywords, number of hits and other factors which helps the search engine give out the best answers

Mode of Operation:

SEO is based on the principle of making your website much friendlier to search engine bots, with the help of meta-tags, key words analysis, html formatting so that more of your pages are indexed by various search engines so that each time a query is entered it’s your website that pops up on the grid. There are proper legal techniques and certain illegal techniques called Black Hat SEO which if detected by the search engine can lead to your website being blocked!


SEO is of immense value for any website for the very simple reason that more and more traffic is directed to your website. Once that happens quite obviously the income generated becomes much more manifold making it not only viable but also more profitable for online business.

Who needs SEO?

Anybody who has a website which is involved in either revenue generation or product display needs SEO to maximize the output.

We at RT DESIGN GROUP have already thought out of all the ways where your website can generate the maximum possible income in the shortest of time. That’s when our SEO techniques at come into play. We will help you design and optimize your website in such a way that your website will be in the top of the search results every time someone searches for it thus driving the maximum possible traffic to your website.

Our unique and trusted methods would ensure that search engines do not block your website and it is always available. Contact us now for more details on how our methods work best for you!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Video production through Internet

Corporate videos being an important source to record events, meetings and conferences, video production is a good source to record these and to upload them to Internet. There are many web sites which draw huge benefit by uploading videos of corporate sector and commercial sector. A variety of industries take advantage from video production of its products, goods and services.

Video production enables people to get good knowledge about products and services and helps them in making good decisions. Video production has worked to the development and growth of Internet and also industrial sector. Further video clippings of latest films and other music album videos also have enabled to the advertisement of the latest albums for the entertainment of people.

Because of the increasing demand for video production, the software which is used for video production has been developing on a rapid pace and it is giving lot of benefits to the videographers who can bring good quality videos. Further the videos that are uploaded to the Internet also are very appealing that facilitate lot of business and entertainment to the people.

Experienced professionals in the field of video production also give lot of good work to the customers who can derive lot of benefit and advantage from videos. Video production can also market your products and can bring lot of business to your web site.

If web sites are promoting about your products and selling your products to your customers, videos of your products will advertise about your business and products to the customers and will drive more traffic to your web site.

Many small and medium businesses have prospered through video productions and there is more future and prospective growth for video production. This holds very good for the future and also for the present in bringing more awareness about Internet purchase and Internet business.

To state about the future of video production, the employment opportunities in the field of video production are very good and many young aspirants can make their career in video production and can start good businesses. Apart from this, large establishments which research and develop video production software and which market video production software is also very attractive for the future. Continuous research and working is very important in video production as it is a very creative field and it works to the best of corporate sector, industrial sector and commercial sector giving good results at all levels.